How to start a small business

If you’re thinking about starting a small business, you came to the right place. In this article we will go through simple 6-step process, which will guide you to a realization of your idea.

The first step in creating a small business is writing a business plan.

A lot of people get carried away with writing a business plan. They tend to create a world’s biggest, most complicated plan when in reality, you should be making a small, one-page plan that won’t cost you a lot.


There are a few things you will want to cover in the creation of your plan and those are:

Defining your vision – What is the end result going to be?

Defining your mission – This may seem the same as vision, but it’s not, it should be the reason of your company’s existence.

Defining your objectives – What are the things you are going to do and how are they important for your overall plan.

Outlining basic strategies – what are you going to do in order to achieve the objectives?

And the last thing would be, writing an action plan.

The next step is deciding on your budget.

The first thing you need to know is, if you’re starting a small business for the first time, don’t invest everything you have, wait a bit and if your idea pays off, then by all means do.

Be realistic about your finances and make sure you put aside at least 20 percent for incidents that may occur.


The third step is settling legal aspects.

This part can be pretty costly, but it’s mandatory. Depending on which state your business is situated in, you may even have to pay a lot of money. Before doing anything make sure to research about the fees in your city and state.

This next part is more ‘’you’’ oriented than it is about the company.

Make sure that you separate your personal money from the company’s. It’s a very important step since a lot of people tend to confuse one with the other. The easiest way to deal with this is by opening a free account for your company.


The fifth step is getting a website.

Getting the website for your company is a very important thing. It’s the easiest way of reaching potential buyers and the best way of letting the world know you exist. Even if it’s not optimized you can still tell people to visit your website and get some traffic on it. If you company takes off, make sure you hire an internet consultant who will help you fully optimize it.

And as for the last step – Test sales.

After completing all the steps from above, it’s time to start testing the reality of things. Try spreading the word and acquiring buyers. See how they react to it and whether or not they will buy it. If they do, make sure to get some reviews of your customers in order to prove your quality.

Modern Tips For Small Business Start-Ups

Author: Deborah Thomas

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